Christoph Pfisterer


  • BA Political-administrative Sciences
  • MSc. Environmental Governance
  • Thai-Yoga-Massage Therapist

For Christoph, mindfulness and body work go hand in hand with radical social change. Christoph is a young post-grad student who has worked for multiple NGOs (Agentur für clevere Städte, ICLEI, Urban Idea GmbH) and government organizations. In his work at the MindEnvironment Project, he combines his studies in environmental governance with the teachings of mindfulness which he received through the nuns and monks of Plum Village monastery.


Christoph facilitates workshops on sustainability and mindfulness for students in high schools and universities as well as post grad researchers in scientific institutions. His workshops merge academic evidence in mindfulness and psycho-physiological studies with critical theories of consciousness and sustainability.


Christoph Pfisterer


MindEnvironment Project

Kohlerweg 22

79104 Freiburg i .Br.


+49 (0)1573 564 11 32



Academic works:

Stark, H. & Pfisterer, C. (2018). Naturbewusstsein und Identität. Die Rolle von Selbstkonzepten und sozialen Identitäten und ihre Entwicklungspotenziale für Natur- und Umweltschutz. BMUB und BfN. Bonn. URL:


Pfisterer, C. (2017) "Mindfulness, Sustainability and Organizations: an integral analysis of the role of mindfulness in public organizations." Master thesis at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Ressources, University of Freiburg, Germany. Supervision by Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Prof. Dr. Sina Leipold. Unpublished.



"Sustainability Governance Within". Lecture at the Institute of Environmental Systems Research, Osnabrück.


"Sustainability From Within". Workshop at the University of Hohenheim at the Mindfulness & Sustainability Day of the Greening Hohenheim HSG.


"Sustainability From Within". Lecture and workshop at the IES Freiburg for Bachelor students.